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Aug. 15th, 2008

On The Job



Have you found your way around the down and out?/I know it must seem long, so long/I'm still trying to keep this time from running out/Head down, always moving on and on and onCollapse )
Gun Show



I'm cursed with living on a faultline/The doomsday clock was made by mankind/No place to run/Countdown's begunCollapse )



TO: Redfield, Claire [let.me.live@mail.net]
FROM: Redfield, Chris [made.in.heaven@bsaa.gov]
SUBJ: None


This is Africa, Mr. Redfield.Collapse )

Aug. 6th, 2008

the eyes have it


Temptation Part 1

Characters: Pandorah Masterson and Albert Wesker
Where: Book Signing at a local College Bookstore
When: Start 1pm in the afternoon. July 27th.
Rating: G <-Won’t see this much lol
Synopsis: Pandorah is promoting her new book despite right wing idiots protests. Wesker decides he wants to meet her after reading it.

Pandorah in Red
Wesker in Purple

Jul. 28th, 2008

Leon/Claire Kiss


(no subject)

Characters: Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield
Where: Leon's Room
When: Around 1AM July 28th after the bar fight scene with Billy and before Jill gets her mission.
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Leon gets home really late after a bar fight at the same bar that Billy works at. Claire was up reading and sees him coming in. She tends to his wounds and they get close. Someone interrupts with news of Wesker and they end up... .... dot dot dot.

'Either together or not at all Claire' Collapse )


(no subject)

Who: Jill Valentine
Where: Her office, U.U.R. HQ
When: Afternoon

Mission: Impossible?Collapse )

Jul. 27th, 2008


In faith I do not love thee with mine eye

Time: 11:45pm, 23rd of July, 2008
Place: UURH Headquarters, "tech support"
Characters: Bartholomuel and Kaelynn

Lulls Ensue HereCollapse )

Jul. 25th, 2008


Battle of the Broken Pulpit

Time: Approx. 7pm, Jul 23rd
Location: The Broken Pulpit, Portland, OR
Characters: Leon Kennedy, Billy Coen

Aim LogCollapse )

((too be continued...))

Aug. 15th, 2008



(no subject)

Claire slowly walked down a long corridor in the underground U.U.R. facility. She hadn't spoken to Leon since she got back from Washington and was contemplating on whether or not she even should. They did not end on good terms before she left. She was slightly resentful towards him since he let Sherry get taken away. She knew it wasn't his fault at all but was still awkward around him at the thought of that poor girl in Weskers grasp. Though she wouldn't be a little girl anymore.

There was a light flickering above his door. He should get that fixed, she thought to herself looking up at it. She stood in front of his door for a long while before deciding to knock. She missed being close to him and she couldn't bare not sharing the news about Chris with him.

She knocked softly though the cement hallway caused a fairly loud echo. "Leon...?" she asked hoping he was in his room.

Jul. 23rd, 2008


080723 1018- First Contact.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take” Hunk thought to himself while leaning slightly forward in his chair. The air in the all cement room had become stagnant and stale. He had been in the debriefing room for an hour or so now; this will have been his third meeting this week to discuss the future for all of Umbrella’s ex-militants. Hunk has a credible history of success and he knows that his accomplishments shouldn’t amount to nothing; someone somewhere must need his kind of abilities. He’s good at what he does, and that’s following orders despite times of moral conflictions. “That is all gentlemen, you’ll be updated later when we receive more information”, said the officer in charge of the debriefing. Hunk stood up and immediately made way to his somewhat cramped and dull living quarters to put things into perspective. “I will not be treated like some dog, I’m better than this.” he said out loud, but no one within distance heard. “If I’m going to have to sit here and wait for someone to finally decide what should be done, then I might as well start looking around for something else.”, but just as Hunk turned the corner to his quarters he noticed that someone had been in his room, the lights were off and the door was left open. Hunk fell back and unsheathed his knife standing just outside his quarter’s door waiting for someone to make a move. Hunk quickly turned the corner and with his left hand flipped the light switch, and scanned the small living space for any signs of life.

No one was there now, but someone definitely paid Hunk a visit. Hunk dropped to a squat, resting his elbows on his knees. He looked around his room, to see what might have been taken but nothing seemed changed. He stood up to take a look outside of his room to see if anyone was lingering in the hallway to ambush him; no one was around. As Hunk stepped back inside he closed the door to his room and sat down on the edge of his cold concrete bed. “It almost feels like prison, like we’re the ones paying for Spencer’s faults” he convinced himself. Hunk let out a relaxing groan as he ran his hand through his hair while gazing at the floor. Frustrated, Hunk looked around his room after his last comment. The facility he had been transported to and had been living in for the past two years is located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The underground bunker was established during World War II as a Nazi camp to monitor the actions of the nations to the south of Germany. Now, this old bunker was housing a hundred something number of troops who had lost everything from the corporation’s collapse. There wasn’t much outside of these walls, just a flourishing landscape that’s miles away from civilization.

Hunk’s eyes noticed an envelope on the back his door with his name written in black marker. Hunk stood up and snatched the letter off the door and used his knife to tear open the top. “I guess whoever was here just wanted to leave me a little love note” he said sarcastically. He unfolded the letter inside and began to read its contents with little enthusiasm. About half way through the letter Hunk realized that it was a recruitment letter by some organization with the acronym, H.S.C. a company that he didn’t recognize. He thought about it for only a minute and thought it to be a much better option than being stranded in Southern Germany for who knows how long. Hunk went through the procedure left for him to set up a contact with an agent. “I think it’s about time for a new beginning” he thought to himself as he began to smile.

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